Note: This is known to run poorly in Firefox. I would suggest playing in Chrome instead. Games may sometimes have the audio heavily desync with the game in Firefox. There is nothing that I can do about this unfortunately.

This game took me about a month to make, and it's my very first game, ever. I'm so happy that this is finally finished. Thank you for playing!

Huge thanks to @codl for making the script that allows for remappable controls. You can find that script here.

Thank you to @DesignInVan for coming up with the algorithm for making the pretty backgrounds, and letting me use it in my game.

Big thanks to everyone who has helped playtest this game and offer feedback and advice during its development.

Getting all of this together was a huge challenge, especially in regards to making everything fit, but it was a really great learning experience and I enjoyed figuring out how to make everything work in an elegant way.

Thank you for playing! Hope to see you again soon!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, chiptune, Cute, Music, PICO-8, Retro


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The game is good, but the hitboxes are complete shit. I can't even fullcombo any of the songs because of this! Fix it please.

other than hitboxes soild game


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why is the note hitbox like 2 pixels

The note speed just hurts my brain from just seeing it.

why all tracks we have just one note

absoulute horrid gameplay

hitboxes are ridiculously horrible cant go literally less than a tiny microscopic pixel above the arrow or else its a miss unlike other rhythm games it actually gives me a chance to win

i beat one song yay

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i like it but i think you should ease the timing window. make it a little more open because i felt like i was hitting but it didn't count it

edit: just realized that it also doesn't handle double notes correctly, only counts one note as being pressed

also i don't know if you can but a way to adjust the volume would be great





i'm sorry it appears that your brain is not working correctly

oh sorry i thought it was fnf lol my mistake lets just call it "DDR BUT ON PICO-8 LOL"


this game is buggy as hell. pressed the notes but i missed????? stupid game i hate it.



At least be constructive when giving feedback

Are you playing on firefox?

if yes then switch to chrome it runs better and if you use chrome then you have the most crappy computor ever

Deleted 241 days ago

its good but the note input is garbo so you will miss you're notes here and there but everything else is fine


Why aren't the controls D F J K ;-;

You can remap your controls if you'd like, in the bottom right corner of the game is an option for that.

thats cool

this was a very helpful comment, thanks!

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how do I choose the song and start playing?

EDIT: Scratch that - re:i'm dumb


You might want to make the game more lenient with allowing hits. There have been several times that I have died and the arrow was exactly where it was supposed to be, meaning that the game simply wasn't registering the input. Once you provide a slightly larger time frame in which to hit the note, it will make the game much more playable. Other than that, it's great!

I almost can't believe this was made in PICO-8. Very great showing.

This is a super impressive demake! Since it's quite challenging, I'd like more feedback when I get a good hit (e.g. the target area turns yellow or something) but wow the visuals and the audio are both really fantastic, so many little details are just right.